Welcome to my Blog- Postcard Archaeology!

Hi, I’m Belinda and I’m an archaeologist!

The thought of creating a blog has intrigued and frightened me for a while now.  I love archaeology, my research and traveling and I want to share my experiences. But I guess the usual fear of who else will care has concerned me. I have thrown caution to the wind… Let’s blog!

This blog will be all about my life as an archaeologist.  I have been an archaeologist for a few years now and have been fortunate enough to travel throughout Thailand and Laos digging holes along the way. But! Archaeology isn’t all just digging holes. Currently, I am toiling away on my Masters at James Cook University in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

I will discuss my research and what I am currently working on where I can. Opinions and theories presented here are my own and I will provide references where I can. If you are a student… DO NOT REFERENCE THIS BLOG! This maybe a good starting point for your research but this is not a peer review academic source.

I will hopefully have weekly post on all things archaeology, research and travel and hope to have some guest post from my fellow researchers. Head to my about me page to learn me about myself and my time living in the tropics.


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