Bucket List Item: The Singapore Sling

singapre-slingThe Singapore Sling would have to be one of my all-time favourite cocktails.  The love of this fruity drink stems more from its heritage than its delicious fruity awesomeness.  It was created in 1915 by the resident bartender Ngiam Tong Boon for the lady drinkers of the establishment.  At the time it was very uncouth for women to drink in public… so they made a drink that looked more fruit juice than boozy delight. And so the Singapore Sling was created.

I have had many in my time but what made this one special was location and atmosphere. I made the pilgrimage to Raffles Hotel for this historical delight. Walking into Raffles in like being transported back in time, I had a serious phenomenological moment walking into such a grand place.  Perched at the bar, I sipped my cocktail while shelling peanuts and thoroughly enjoying the $36 beverage in front of me. I have no regrets. None what so ever.


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