Singapore: I love You

It’s a big call to declare you love for a city after only being in it for an hour… but I did! I got a feeling when I arrived that it was going to be an all too short stay for me, but I would be back! I have a few highlights and needless to say, I missed a lot. But here are the things I loved.

The transportation: It was so easy and efficient to get on and off trains across Singapore. When I arrived I purchased a $20 tourist card that gave me three days of unlimited travel. If I were staying longer, I would have gotten a regular train card that can be topped up, but this was perfect.  I also got some solid train advice from an old lady who told me that I was crazy being on my own and to NEVER (she really emphasised the never) speak to men.

garden-by-the-bayGardens by the Bay: Spectacular. There really isn’t much else to add.  The whole area looks like it is out of the Jetsons but I loved me.  It was free to get into the gardens and $8 for the sky walk.  I didn’t go into any of the garden domes because I couldn’t justify the $30.  The Supertrees are covered in succulents and orchids. I couldn’t not think about Grandma the whole time I was there and how much she would have loved hearing about this place. All round fantastic.

sinapore-museumSingapore National Museum: The national museum is in the old Town Hall and the building alone is spectacular. The heritage of Singapore is really interesting and well worth a look.  I also went to Fort Canning Park and wandered around. It’s hard to believe you’re in a major metropolitan city when you are surrounded by lush rainforest coverage.


China Town: I stayed in China Town while I was in Singapore.  I ate a lot of excellent food at the China Town Complex which was just a few streets away from my hostel.  Well worth a look in this neighbourhood.

little-inda-foodLittle India: I went to Little India under the advice of Roger and I was not disappointed.  I went a few days before Hindu New Year and the area was going off.  I walked past street stalls selling hundreds and hundreds of fireworks and rows and rows of jewellery up for sale. The food was spectacular too.  Went to a local food court and was not disappointed.


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