The Singapore-Malaysia Land Cross

I could not believe how easy it was to get from Singapore to Malaysia.  Out of all the land crossing I have ever done, this was by far the most straight forward and easy.

In Singapore, I went to the Queen Street Bus Terminal and jumped on one of the causeway buses. I went with Cause Way Link for $3.50.  There were a lot of different companies there, so you can shop around.  It was about a 45min ride to the boarder. At the boarder George (I named my bag, I felt he needed a name) and I got off the bus and went through immigration.  Luck was with me on this day, as the lines were about 20 deep when I approached. Luckily a new counter opened so I sailed through.

After I was stamped out of Singapore, I got back on the bus (just find whatever company you arrived with and show your ticket) and made the 1km journey to Malaysia.  At the Malaysian counter, it took less than a minute, not questions asked and a 90 stamp. Very impressed. From there, you can get back on your bus and go to the central bus station. I opted for a two nights in Johor Bahru to put my feet up and do some laundry. Glad I did.

The whole process could not have been any easier.  I didn’t see another westerner on my crossing. I think it is because it is the off season, but I get a feeling going overland isn’t very common for tourists. But I really recommend it.


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