My Melacca top 5 highlights

I loved Melacca.  It was so chilled and laid back and I really enjoyed the slower pace of the city.  After the hustle and bustle of Singapore, Melacca was a nice sea change.  I originally had 5 nights booked but extended my stay to 8 days.  I am glad I did. So here are my top 5 highlights.

  1. Ringo’s Foyer Hostel. I wrote a whole post on how much I loved Ringo’s. My love is eternal.
  2. Pak Putra Tandoori Indian. Just take all my money.  Anytime anyone mentioned they were going to Pak Putra, the whole hostel would follow. It is utterly delicious.  Search for it on MapsMe not google maps, or you’ll never find it.  And not to forget the very attractive man who operated the tandoori ovens.
  3. The Floating Mosque. It was my first time visiting a mosque and I am glad I did it in Melacca. The floating mosque is a bit of a tourist hot spot and if you go as dusk, you’ll get an amazing sunset but you will also be overrun by tourists.  Specifically, large Chinese tour groups which arrive in giant busses. For me, it wasn’t necessarily the place that made it for me, but rather the very in depth conversation I had with the man who showed me around.  I now have a better understanding of Islam.
    The Floating Mosque. I went at low tide, so it was a little high and dry.
  4. Melacca has an interesting array of small niche museums. Some of them really weren’t worth the price of admission.  My favourite was Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum. It was a traditional upper-class Chinese home that had been restored and made into a museum.  I found it really interesting and loved how well it has been preserved.
  5. China Town. The UNESCO zone is pretty much all of China town. The buildings are beautiful and for the most part, very well maintained.  I spent a lot of hours wandering the streets looking at the different buildings.  Joker Walk street also runs down the middle and worth a visit to the market on the weekend.
    Downtown Chinatown. 

I strongly recommend doing all these things on a weekday.  Not only is Melacca popular among Asian tourists, but it is also a hot spot for local Malays to spend a weekend.  Traffic gets mental and it feels like the population triples.  Melacca, I love you and will be back.


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