KL Fails

Sometimes, travel is amazing and you feel like an absolute boss hopping between towns and attractions.  Other times, it’s an absolute shit and nothing goes right. My time in KL was the latter. It didn’t start well, it didn’t finish well and all in all, I was not a happy traveller. It happens, but some days, I want to sit and wallow over my failings.

I had only booked a few nights in KL as I expected the big city to be an expensive stay. Big cities always are for me. I think I get suckered into the pretty things that I don’t need and generally fill my need for western food and attractions.  I greatly had this issue in Singapore and the poor budget really suffered. Instead of spending $30 a day, I was maxing out at about $80 a day. The shame is real, the damage irreversible.

My time in KL did not start well and it was mostly due to my inability to master their train system. It looks like every time the city expanded, they just added a new kind of train, so they are all named different things and are based on different train systems.  I failed at figuring this out and it took a good long while to find my way to my hostel which was out in the suburbs.

My itinerary list was to see the Petronas Towers, National Museum, Colonial area and Chinatown.  I only manage 1 out of 4. The Petronas Towers was fantastic was seriously pricy. Close to AU$30 for a 45min trip up to the top of the tower. The views would have been amazing if the weather was good. I do recommend it. Everything else I failed at getting to.

petronas towner.jpg
Views from half way up.

I just wanted to be able to walk to places and see the sites which was a little impractical. Google maps kept trying to send me walking off along freeways. I think I must be in need for an app update, as google didn’t even have the newest of their train lines on the app.

My second day, I made it as far as KL Sentral and sat in various cafes watching the US election unfold. Like a lot of people around the world, I was shocked and devastated for America. And confused. So confused on how he could win while not receiving the most votes. Really America! What are you doing. And that was the end of my sightseeing in KL. I went back to the hostel and contemplated the future for all my lovely American friends.

I guess I can’t blame Trump for my bad time in KL. I blame my inability to master getting on and off trains. I even got on the wrong train to go back to the bus station to leave to go to the Cameron Highlands. Two hours and four trains later, I eventually made it to the train station.  I’ve moved on, taken it as a loss and getting on with the travel.


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