About Me

I have been studying and working in the tropics for the last eight years and can not think of living in any other kind of environment.  I am currently undertaking a Master of Philosophy in Archaeology at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. I have been travelling and working in Southeast Asia since 2008.  My research has taken me to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Currently, my work is centered in Northeast Thailand at the archaeological site Ban Non Wat.  This site has been excavated over the last decade under two consecutive projects; the current project focus on Society and Environment before Angkor.  My research is an extension of this theme, looking at social and environmental change through site formation processes.  My current project proposal, my honors thesis and all publications can be found here.

In addition to academic research, I have had to opportunity to work southern Laos since 2010 through a consultancy project under James Cook University, in association with the Department of Cultural Heritage (Lao PDR).  This research project has allowed me to work with Lao nationals and I was recently received the Governor of Savannakhet Provincial Award for my contributions to Lao archaeology.  I am so honored to work in Laos and hope to continue this work in the future.

My love for archaeology and Laos runs deep and it is my dream to relocate to Laos soon.

Stay tune….

However… it isn’t all digging holes and making amazing discoveries. I work part time to fund my degree and am a Sandwich artist by night and archaeologist by day. It isn’t ideal, but I make I what I can of it.  I am very lucky that I have the support of my family and supervisor to achieve what I have.


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